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Mirabel Stuart

Welcome to the official website of British Actress, Mirabel Stuart.

Here you can learn more about Mirabel and find the latest information on current and forthcoming news and events.

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The Love...The Passion...The Journey...

Mirabel’s love for acting was first discovered when she was 2 years old as she used to perform nursery rhymes in the bath! She is now a seasoned actress and sought after commercial model. Having trained at Arts Ed Drama School and honing her skills in both UK and American TV Dramas as well as Bollywood films, she brings a wealth of experience to any project; and recently she stepped into Hollywood adding stunts to her bow performing as Christine Palmar in Marvel’s latest Dr Strange.

For the MiddleEast, Mirabel has completed 200 episodes in her own TV show for the Dubai based B4U Channel, and at home in London, has worked alongside Academy Award winning Rachel Shenton, and on ITV’s Emily Atack’s comedy show.

She enjoys voicing Disney + animations, as well as commercials for Labello, Amazon Alexa, Nivea and Love Island. As a model, she has worked for many global brands, including the 02, Showcase Cinemas, Kenwood, Costa, Tesco, The Four Seasons, Baileys, UEFA, HM Government and HBO to name but a few.

Mirabel is often complimented how easy going she is to work with and her flexibility to adapt to clients’ briefs; she gives nothing but her best to every project.

Latest News

The news area of the official website provides an overview of recent social media posts from Mirabel Stuart for current activities, forthcoming releases and more.

You can also follow @MirabelStuart on Twitter and @Mirabel.Stuart on Instagram, and a full list of credits can be found at the Spotlight profile.

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